Why "Preston's Got Heart"?

formerly Preston Cares

During 2016 I became really disheartened by the many negative comments I was seeing on below the line comments on the LEP, Blog Preston and various Facebook groups I followed. I taught in a local school for 32 years and recall hundreds of delightful pupils who were thoughtful, caring and compassionate so felt sure the negativity I was reading was not representative of Prestonians.

And so I set out to find evidence that "Preston Cares" about the welfare of others and the place they call home.

No list of such links existed and so I decided to create a simple directory that could be shared via social media, and to ask Prestonians for their help in making it as comprehensive as possible.

By undertaking this task, my faith in humanity has been restored. There is, indeed, an ocean of goodwill in Preston - with projects and initiatives being built, supported and sustained through the determination and dedication of volunteers - and the evidence is here in this directory.

Inevitably, the directory has grown beyond the original idea and name but remains dedicated to promoting the positives about Preston and its people.

Please keep your eyes peeled for links you can add to the directory and contact me via prestoncares2017@gmail.com

Thank you.

Photo Credit: "Blossom Festival" flickr photo by drinksmachine https://flickr.com/photos/drinksmachine/440991284 shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-ND) license